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Experience ultimate tranquility at Gillespie Butte

A curated community for effortless living. Nestled atop emerald hills with sunset views and a sea of sparkling downtown lights, this turn-key development offers residents an unparalleled respite from the bustling world.

The namesake of Jacob Gillespie, a prominent Oregon pioneer who settled the land more than 150 years ago, Gillespie Butte’s historic oaks and rolling pastures have long since attracted visitors in search of breathtaking heights and calm serenity. Overlooking Mount Bachelor to the East and the Eugene Country Club below, at Gillespie Butte we’ve created a utopian blend of convenient yet secluded living. Just minutes from the best of Eugene shopping and restaurants, take joy in coming home to a truly spectacular rainbow of sunset colors.

With lush, carefully manicured greenery, Gillespie Butte offers the utmost privacy, peace and comfort to be expected from a private residential community. Gillespie Butte is quickly becoming one of Eugene’s most sought after new developments.

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Acres of Beautiful Mountain Land
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Within walking or biking distance of the hustle of town center, a Gillespie Butte home owner can come home, take off their shoes and look out over twinkling lights of Eugene without further interaction with the world. Think of your home in Gillespie Butte as your private retreat among neighbors who also value the lifestyle and peace the community has to offer.
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Details and Pricing

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Lot 1 Lot 2 Lot 3 Lot 4 Lot 5 Lot 6 Lot 7 Lot 8 Lot 9 Lot 10 Lot 11 Lot 12 Lot 13 Lot 14 Lot 15 Lot 16

Lot 1

17,385 sqft

Details & Pricing

Lot 2

16,770 sqft

Details & Pricing

Lot 3

17,005 sqft

Details & Pricing

Lot 4

13,339 sqft

Details & Pricing

Lot 5

12,229 sqft

Details & Pricing

Lot 6

19,665 sqft

Details & Pricing

Lot 7

9,271 sqft

Details & Pricing

Lot 8

9,726 sqft

Details & Pricing

Lot 9

9,170 sqft

Details & Pricing

Lot 10

6,857 sqft

Details & Pricing

Lot 11

7,101 sqft

Details & Pricing

Lot 12

8,107 sqft

Details & Pricing

Lot 13

10,284 sqft

Details & Pricing

Lot 14

14,991 sqft

Details & Pricing

Lot 15

16,014 sqft

Details & Pricing

Lot 16

18,524 sqft

Details & Pricing